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Welcome to my Oil Paintings of Pets & Wildlife.
Thank you for visiting, or stumbling, across my website.
I am a Lancashire born artist from Fleetwood in Lancashire.
Since my early childhood, painting has always been my
hobbie and a passion, but it has only been in the past
decade that I have taken my work seriously and into the
professional market.
My works are mainly commission and cover all areas of the
United Kingdom and into Europe.

Maizie 14" x 16"

Bruno Chocolate Labrador oil painting by David Pennington
Bruno 16" x 14"

ScrappyJack from Fleetwood 16" x 14"

Copper from Over Wyre A2

Petra from Over Wyre A1

Sally from West Yorkshire 8" x 8 "


nibbles oil painting portraits by David Pennington

Fudgy Oil painting by David Pennington Lancashire

Christmas Gifts 2014
It was a pleasure to have painted Nibbles and Fudgy for my nieces, Anna and Maria Pennington, for their Christmas present this year.

Spaniel by David Pennington
Zuzu 282 x 332

Rusty Pet Portrait by David Pennington of Lancashire www.penningtonART.co.uk
Rusty from Somerset A4

Toby and Tess from Accrington
Toby and Tess from Accrington A2

Beryl and Jack from Todmorden A2

Saffi from Blackpool RIP 2016 16" x 14"

Zuzu was a pleasure to paint.
She loves running around the groins dotted along the Fylde Coast at Fleetwood and beyond. Its not always possible to capture the exact photo of your pet. This picture above consists of 4 individual snaps to create this piece of artwork. The main photograph was of Zuzu leaning on the groin, where I then morphed different photos for the angle of the head, tail and the background, and tailored to perfection to capture the spirit of Zuzu.

George the Springer Spaniel by David Pennington
George 40" x 33"

George in action along Fleetwood Beach.
Here's another great painting showing George jumping over the low wall at Fleetwood. It's the place where he enjoys the most. Capturing your pet in their favourite surrounding enhances the painting so much more than just a straight forward head shot. It really is worth the extra time planning these larger paintings.

Ruby - Oil Painting by David Pennington, Lancashire PenningtonART

Ruby having fun along low tide at Rossall Point
I've never been introduced to a labrador that enjoyed the beach as much as she did. It was a fun afternoon on the beach and also challenging to photograph. It is diffucult to capture sharp photographs as Ruby was backwards and forward into the sea and chasing her ring. Like most of these large paintings, a number of photographs are used to get the best pose. Even the background and foreground were a composite of 4 images.


Sandy from Arnside
More often than not, people supply their own photograhs. This can be a concern, as to create the best possible artwork, I need good lighting and detail. This sample shows a good 'texture' lighting effect, where the low light sculpts the body and highlights the detail of the face. Again, it is a great photo of Sandy, posing at the waters edge.

David Pennington Pet Portrait in Oil on Canvas Lancashire penningtonART

Oscar RIP
Oscar had sadly passed away before doing this painting and was so sadly missed by his owner, that dear friends commissioned this artwork based on photos they had supplied and upon a painting I already had done of a similar labrador, thus creating this everlasting portriat.

David Pennington Pet Portraits in oil on canvas Lancashire penningtonART
Square format A1

Great fun was had here in a photo shot on the beach at Cleveleys. As you can see, it's a favourite of mine to use the groins as a prop.

David pennington Pet Portraits in oil on canvas Lancashire penningtonART

Molly - my sisters dog
The long grass made a great background for Molly. She just loved bouncing around in it. Had to wait a while for her to take a rest to get this shot though.

Heather from Seaton, Cumbria

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