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Mini-Masterpiece Series - On Board

Pricing Chart
Please ask about framing options

Boxed Canvas - No framing Required

A4 = £140+
A3 = £180+
A2 = £260+
A1 = £480+
A0 = £800+

With every quote, I give as many solutions to match your budget and give my professional opinion on what would do the painting justice. I provide free of charge a design idea to help you decide if not sure of what you want.

Your enquiry can be made by phone, email or post and discretley too if it is for a suprise gift.

Advanced Booking

If you have stumbled across my site and think that you may like a painting in the future or next year, just let me know and I will send you a reminder nearer the time, so that you don't fall into the trap of ordering too late and being disappointed.


David Pennington Pet Portraits and Wildlife Artworks.

Contact: David Pennington

Telephone 01253 771167

Mobile 07503 156753
email: dave@penningtonART.co.uk

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